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3 Common Investing Mistakes

3 Common Investing Mistakes Many people start out managing their own investments. But as their earnings and assets grow, their financial needs and challenges become more complex—and continuing to go it alone could prove costly in terms of investing miscues. Consider three common mistakes that can reduce returns and increase anxiety: 1. Trying to Time […]

Is cash better than a portfolio at the moment?

I have had a few people starting to ask me this question recently, so I thought I’d put something together that will help answer this for everyone. It’s a totally fair question and I understand why people are asking! We are currently in a high interest rate, and highly inflationary environment, with interest rates on […]

Silicon Valley Bank – a lesson on bonds

Those following the news will have noticed that three US banks went into a government-controlled bailout this month, Silicon Valley Bank and two rival banks. Silicon Valley Bank was relatively big being one of the top 20 largest US banks. The Silicon Valley Bank was affected by holding too many long-term government bonds (fixed interest) that lost […]

8 Steps to Getting Ahead Financially

  1. Set some goals Where do you see yourself in the future? What are you trying to achieve? The most important start to getting on track financially is to know where you want to get to. You may want to: Retire early Travel lots Be able to help your children more Buy a business […]

What happened to bonds?

  On November 15, 2020, the New Zealand Herald ran an article titled, ‘What negative interest rates would mean for borrowers and savers’. It said that the Central Bank was seriously considering negative interest rates as an option to stimulate the economy in the post COVID recovery. A mere 18 months later, the Central Bank […]

Why a downturn in the markets isn’t a reason to stop investing

With KiwiSaver and investment balances dropping since the start of the year, there may be the temptation to reduce or even stop your contributions. Why would you keep putting money into something that was going backwards after all? Before making any changes, it’s important to understand what’s happening. When you put money into your KiwiSaver, […]

Inflation is here, that’s why you own shares

  We’re not exactly sure of the recipe required to bake fast rising prices into the economy but we’re pretty sure of the ingredients. You will commonly need – disruptions in free-flowing trade shortages in goods surplus money in the economy, such as that provided by financial stimulus packages   Between the effects of Covid-19, […]

You can’t put a number on happiness

“What is your number?” That is the catch phrase of a popular advertisement that runs and re-runs amongst financial advising companies. The premise is a good one, namely that they are going to determine how much you need for retirement and then aim to help you hit that goal. These types of campaigns are popular […]

Online trading; can I do it myself or do I need advice?

A question we’ve been asked quite a few times within the last year goes something like this, “So my son is investing on Sharesies. What do you think of them…?” It’s a great question and one we thought deserved an article of its own. Sharesies, Hatch and other digital trading platforms easily accessible by smartphones […]