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Supporting Your Children Financially: Ways Parents Can Help Safeguard Their Support

As parents, we want the best for our children, and sometimes that means providing financial assistance when they need it most. However, concerns about protecting this money, especially from relationship property disputes, is something I often come across. There are a number of different ways parents can lend or gift money to their children during […]

Fancy Some Free Money?

Previously called “member tax credits”, the annual Government contribution really is free money! If you are over the age of 18, and contributing to your KiwiSaver, then you can get up to $521.43 free each year. There are no catches, and it’s easy to get it. For every $1 that you put into your KiwiSaver […]

Our Kids and KiwiSaver

Is it still worth enrolling kids in KiwiSaver now that the $1,000 “kickstart” has gone? Is it a good place to save for our kids’ futures? With KiwiSaver still so misunderstood, here’s some key information to help you answer these questions for yourselves. You’re never too young to join KiwiSaver There is no minimum age […]