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Minimising Regret in Retirement

Minimise regret in retirement

Minimising Regret in Retirement They say that your bank account and a calendar never lie. If that’s true (and I think it is), then we should occasionally ask ourselves an important question: “If an impartial observer tallied how you spend your time and money, what would they say is important to you?” While I’m certainly […]

A frills or no frills retirement? The latest Retirement Expenditure Guidelines released.

Achieving expectations and aspirations for retirement will be very challenging for the majority of New Zealanders unless they prepare and plan. That’s one of the main conclusions of the latest Retirement Expenditure Guidelines. The guidelines have been produced by Massey’s NZ Fin-Ed Centre and are sponsored by Consilium and Financial Advice New Zealand. They say […]

Anchors: The influence of what you know, on what you don’t

Let’s say someone asks you a benign question such as, “Are there more or less than 100 countries in Africa?” What would your answer be? Most people would say, “less,” and they’d be right. You are then asked a follow-up question, “So how many countries are in Africa?” Think about it for a moment and […]

Online trading; can I do it myself or do I need advice?

A question we’ve been asked quite a few times within the last year goes something like this, “So my son is investing on Sharesies. What do you think of them…?” It’s a great question and one we thought deserved an article of its own. Sharesies, Hatch and other digital trading platforms easily accessible by smartphones […]

What income do I need in retirement?

The biggest concern amongst clients who have sought advice from me is whether they have enough money. The biggest value in getting financial advice from a qualified adviser, is the confidence to know that you do have enough, and more importantly, to know “what is enough?”. As an adviser, it’s relatively easy for me to […]

Budgeting Equals Awareness

This is an article written by Carl Richards, creator of Behaviour Gap   This one is for all you yogis, meditators, and Buddhists out there. You want to achieve enlightenment? The key is not in down dogs and green smoothies. The key is budgeting. I know that sounds crazy. But take it from Thich Nhat […]

A Government Match Better than KiwiSaver!

Ever heard of a charity where some famous or rich person says that they’ll match your donation? If you give a dollar to the charity, they’ll match your donation so the charity gets two dollars. One group even did a study on the effect of this type of charity matching has, and found it increased […]