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Our Services.

Full financial planning at Balance Wealth.

Our Services.

Full financial planning at Balance Wealth.

We work best with clients over the age of 50, who are either planning their retirement, or already retired.

Our advice fee is charged as a percentage of the funds we manage for you, subject to a minimum of $3,000 (+GST) a year for individuals or couples, and $5,000 (+GST) a year when there are trusts or other entities involved.

Investment Planning

Investment planning is all about the detail of how to invest your money.

Retirement Planning

Establish your goals and plan for a full and balanced retirement. 

Cash Management

Options for how to look after your cash outside of investments. 

Estate Planning

Alongside the finances, we ensure your estate planning has been well thought through and documented. 


Checking in to make sure you’re covered for any risks that require insurance. 

Women & Wealth

Assisting women through financial change.